Does Nature Compute?

Recently, I received an email about a new book entitled Randomness Through Computation: Some Answers, More Questions. Although, I fail to see how computation would create randomness, the title of one article seemed particularly… intriguing—"What is Computation? (How) Does Nature Compute?" I haven't read the article, so I do not know what it is about, but I can speculate that is advocates the idea that the Universe, Nature somehow computes. Well, to me the idea that Nature computes is pure Pythagorean mysticism (also known as Pythagoreanism). In different words, it is my opinion that a chair, a wall or even a black hole computes absolutely anything. I dare to say that people who believe such things are suffering from schizophrenia! But why is this idea of computing is everywhere so appealing to many thinkers and researchers? It seems to me this happens because it is so fascinating to say that my cup of tea computes the trajectory of a spacecraft that is located millions of light years away. Whether this has anything to do with reality or not is another story. Physics is one thing and computation is another. Clearly, computation is realized by machines that operate in our physical environment. Nevertheless, these machines have been constructed by conscious beings that what to calculate something. Nothing more, nothing less!


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