Yet another proof?

Today I discovered yet another proof of the Church-Turing thesis (CTT)! In particular, Ramón Casares in his Proof of Church's Thesis proves the CTT using another more "general" thesis:
Persons’ syntax engine is a Finite Universal Turing Machine.
 A finite Turing machine is one that has a tape of finite length. Any person has a syntactical capability, that is the ability to speak a language and a syntax engine is a machine with a syntactical capability. So the question is whether there are machines that can really understand languages? Obviously, it is one think to dully manipulate symbols and another to understand the meaning associated to symbols. After all, this was nicely demonstrated with the Chinese Room Argument (in essence, this argument is a "proof" that intelligence cannot be equated with symbol manipulation, and, obviously, it is not an argument "against the possibility of true artificial intelligence"). Now the problem with this proof is that it relies on another thesis, whose validity has not been proved, although, according to Casares, it is so obvious that it holds true! 


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