Implementing an Analog Recurrent Neural Network

A. Steven Younger, Emmett Redd, and Hava Siegelmann published a paper entitled  Development of Physical Super-Turing Analog Hardware, where they report their efforts to build a real hypercomputer. In particular, they present their work on the realization of Analog Recurrent Neural Networks (ARNN, for short). The theory of ARNNs is presented in Neural Networks and Analog Computation.In a nutshel, the ARNNs are generally more powerful than Turing machines and so they are classified as hypecomputers. Younger  et al. have designed and developed an OpticARNN which is depicted in the figure that follows:
Also, they have developed an electronic ARNN whose functional schematic follows:
These system have not been tested thoroughly and so one cannot draw definitive conclusions. The authors plan to build larger devices and continue their studies.


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