Multiverse and Computation

The idea that quantum computation is a manifestation of the multiverse is not new. For example, David Deutsch believes that quantum computers can be used to test its existence. Personally I believe that the multiverse is good for scripts of scifi series (e.g., the Fringer) but that's all. But I think that something is also logically wrong with this idea.

Roughly, the multiverse is the idea that there many copies of our universe (or some universe) and each evolves differently, yet in each one of them there is a copy of me but all these copies are different pairwise. Obviously, at each moment many things happen that can have different outcomes so in one universe a spermatozoon fuses with an ovum while in another this never happens but in another universe a different spermatozoon fuses with it. Practically, this means that in the first universe person A will be born, in the second nothing will happen while in the third person B will be born. If all these things are quite possible (!), I wonder how and why a quantum computer would synchronize all these universes? In most of these universes there is no parallel of myself so who is going to participate in the computation that I just started?

In my opinion, hypercomputation is the idea that we do not know enough physics to definitely say that the Turing machine dictates what can and what cannot be computed. On the other hand, the multiverse, in general, and Deutsch's ideas, are about the certitude that
  • the multiverse exists
  • there are different forms of ourselves in parallel universes
  • quantum computation takes place simultaneously in a number of universes 
Some call this science but I call it pseudoscience!


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